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New Digital Artists' Inking Brush

digital artists inking brush for Photoshop

Drawn with the Gulf Stream inking brush for Photoshop


Gulf Stream is the latest Photoshop ink brush in the store. It's probably the most variable in terms of width and as such can be a bit of a challenge to control but the rewards are great; a responsive runny opaque wavy ink line.  Get it here. Or as part of the ALL Photoshop Brushes pack

Here's what it looks like when in use:


Get it here

New Ink and Watercolour Brushes

painted with 'gently swayed' the watercolour brush

painted with 'gently swayed'

There are two new brushes in the shop this week, Gently Swayed A soft, responsive watercolor brush with a fine woolly textured edge. It's soft fibrous pigment grain gives it a distinct organic personality.

Drawn with the Pelican Teeth ink brush

Drawn with the Pelican Teeth ink brush

The second is a rough scratchy ink brush "Pelican Teeth" A ragged ink brush pen with an intermittent line and the occasional periphery spray from those stray bent bristles. You can get these two latest as part of the 'All Brushes" package of 25 brushes all for only $10. And if you bought that package in the last 30 days you can download these for free!

If you ever want to see what's new in brushes, just check the shop, they are listed in order of appearance.

New Artisanal Photoshop Inking brush

drawn with the "Fun Runner" Photoshop ink brush

drawn with the "Fun Runner" Photoshop ink brush

Drawn with the new Photoshop inking brush "Fun Runner" it's a nice responsive loose sketching brush with a grungy dry media look.

You can get it for free until July 18th in the store

Picky Fuss Realistic Oil Brush

"Picky Fuss" oil paint brush for Photoshop

"Picky Fuss" oil paint brush for Photoshop

The latest oil paint brush "Picky Fuss" a responsive, stark, sharply defined thick and pasty oil brush is now in the store. To celebrate, it's free until  Thursday July 17th with a share. Expired Share below, then click the link that appears and it will be added to your cart and you can check out and download it for free.

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