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“Dense Weather” Photoshop oil paint brush

Painted using only the "Dense Weather" oil brush

Painted using only the “Dense Weather” oil brush

brush strokes of the dense weather Photoshop oil brush

brush strokes of the dense weather Photoshop oil brush

Here’s another oil brush. I really must put the oils together in a collection. This one has a jagged flower petal pattern shaped brush stroke. It’s a fairly wet diluted brush that can be built up to an opaque coverage. The diluted flow makes blending the surrounding tones together really easy.

This brush is used to best effect by going over and re-working an area to diminish the appearance of the individual strokes and blend the areas together. The distinctive pattern it produces when drawn in a line can be overpowering when not blended but really works to your advantage when re-working an area over a few times as the visible brush strokes maintain a painterly appearance and reduce the likelihood of all the strokes blending together too much and becoming a mushy blur so common with overuse of blender brush tools. If used sparingly you will always be able to maintain the visible strokes that will give your painting an impressionistic and organic feel. 

I hope to do a tutorial on how to best accentuate the oil painting look including adding a canvas texture but for now I’ll just say, paint on an Overlay layer and your background is important. If you watch the video at the bottom of this page, you can see that I paint most of it on an overlay layer, so that the canvas texture shows through the paint. Later, towards the end, I start painting on a normal layer, though with a light touch, to add a more opaque layer of paint in certain areas.

Brush strokes of a digital oil painting done using the Photoshop Oil Brush toolset 'Dense Weather' for digital artists

Brush strokes painted with the ‘Dense Weather’ oil brush

You can download this brush for free until Friday! (expired)

Dense Weather - Photoshop Oil Brush

Dense Weather – Photoshop Oil Brush

‘Dense Weather’ Photoshop Oil Brush.
A patchy oil brush with a widely variable flow and a loose frayed edge. With low pressure you get a very diluted low opacity brush for roughing in shapes that quickly converts to crisp layers of built up texture to create nice blended tones.
Add to Cart – $1

Watch the brush strokes in action

painting live with the ‘Dense Weather’ Photoshop oil brush video is sped up after the beginning.
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Comparing Pressure Responsive Photoshop brushes to Stamp-style brushes

When I tell people about Grutbrushes they often say “Oh yes, I see tons of watercolor brushes on the web” Chances are they’ve seen the stencil type brushes that are made from a scan of one brush stroke that you can then stamp onto your image. You can achieve some fantastic results with those brushes if used sparingly but the big difference, and it really is big, is that Grutbrushes are dynamic and respond to the speed, pressure and motion of your stylus on your tablet allowing you to actually paint with them and achieve organic lines that resemble traditional media. This video shows a side by side comparison between the free stencil type brushes found all over the net and Grutbrushes pressure responsive watercolour brushes made for digital artists. If you haven’t already, you can download a free watercolor brush here to try it out for yourself.

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Download Free Photoshop Ink Brush for a Share

Rabbit drawing done with “Desk inspector ” Photoshop ink brush from Nicolai on Vimeo.

I am giving away the Desk Inspector Photoshop ink brush to the first 400 people who share below (30+ still available – As of October 25 2015).
If download button doesn’t appear after you share, reload the page.
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New Charcoal Brush ‘Peel Braiser’

Photoshop charcoal drawing created using 'Pee Braiser' Photoshop brush

Photoshop charcoal drawing created using ‘Pee Braiser’ Photoshop brush

enlarged brush strokes

enlarged brush strokes

This charcoal or chalk brush is more flexible and fungible than some of the more recent brushes in that it is has a very soft fingerprint at low pressure. With a single stroke you get very light coverage which makes shading easy as you can easily control the amount of colour and by building it up with multiple stokes it’s possible to create areas of light colour blend into very dark sections without visible brush strokes. This maintains a sharp texture like you would have with chalk or charcoal on heavy textured paper without the smudginess that you would get using a stump or tortillion in traditional media.

Video of digital charcoal drawing done using the 'Peel Braiser' Photoshop Charcoal Brush toolset

Video of digital charcoal drawing done using the ‘Peel Braiser’ Photoshop Charcoal Brush toolset

'Peel Braiser' Photoshop Charcoal Brush for digital artists

‘Peel Braiser’ Photoshop Charcoal Brush for digital artists

Peel Braiser’ Charcoal Brush.
A hard charcoal with a light coverage that makes it ideal for shading with a crisp texture. With repeated strokes this brush can give you full dark coverage with lots of opportunity for graduated blending.
Add to Cart – $1

Watch the brush strokes in action

Video of drawing done with ‘Peel Braiser’ brush
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