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Free GrutBrush of the Week #16 – Owl Flower ink Brush

Painted with the Owl Flower brush

This week’s free Photoshop brush is “Owl Flower” A feathered edge ink brush with a slightly variable width and opacity. The thin tapered crystal offshoots from the base stroke extend out to double the width of this stroke and give it a bulk while maintaining a light downy appearance

As always, you can download it from the shop or the member’s free Photoshop brush page for free until the end of this week (July 5th) when there will be a new free brush.

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2 New Cross Hatching Brushes Added to Hatchers 01

10 Cross Hatching brushes for Photoshop

New total of 10 Cross Hatching brushes for Photoshop in Hatchers 01 set

This Week I added two new cross hatching brushes to the store. Hatch Acid and Hatch Blanket. This brings to 10 the total number of cross hatching brushes in the Hatchers 01 brush set. This was my first brush set on GrutBrushes and has always been the least expensive. Now that it has 10 brushes in it like the all the others I’ve decided not to raise but to lower it and offer it for $3. You can download one for free if you use the coupon code freehatch when you checkout.

As always, for an additional $7 you can get all 90 Photoshop GrutBrushes! This price will be going up soon. The total amount of brushes in the collection will soon be hitting 100 and I will be changing the pricing on the site, but with that I will offer some new options including a very affordable ‘all you can eat’ membership option which will soon include a Photoshop CC plugin to help you better use and organise your GrutBrushes.

You can get all 10 of the Cross Hatching Brushes in Hatchers 01 for $3 here


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New Brush Browser on

How to use the Photoshop brush browser

How to use the Photoshop brush browser

You can now browse all GrutBrushes Photoshop  brushes in a sortable ajax grid with the newest listed first. It’s now faster (no more loading next page) It’s also responsive now, so it’s viewable on more devices and screen sizes. Click the red play button on any brush and see a video brush stroke preview of what it’s like to draw with it in real time!  In the top right you can see which sets that brush is a part of and if you want to see and read more about that brush just click on the button in the top left and a new tab opens with more detailed previews and if available, example paintings and drawings done with that brush!

Visit the shop and have a look!

Coming very soon (this weekend?) – Downloadable PDF catalog!

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Free GrutBrush of the Week #15 “Lint Filter” Watercolor Brush

Brush strokes of a watercolor painting done using the Watercolor Brush toolset 'Lint Filter' for digital artists

Watercolor painting with the Watercolor Brush toolset ‘Lint Filter’ for digital artists

This week’s free brush is a grainy watercolor brush that has a lot of splattery texture when applied with repeated short strokes. Lift your stylus between each stroke to maintain maximum speckling or maintain contact to clean up the stray ink spots a little.

As always, you can download it from the free Photoshop brush page until the end of this week (June 28) when there will be a new free brush.

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