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Free GrutBrush of the week #41 – “Lanas Mark” Gouache Brush

Photoshop Gouache Brush painting using the 'Lanas Mark' brush

This week’s free Photoshop brush is a dry yet silky gouache brush with an even opacity distribution, ramping up smoothly from semi-transparent to opaque this natural, medium fibered brush has an easily controllable flow and even tapering making it versatile as both a fill and a drawing brush.

You can download this week’s free Photoshop brush until next Monday when, as always, there will be a new one waiting for you.

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Photoshop Gouache Brushes in the Workshop


Some Photoshop Gouache brushes that I am working on. I like to work on a few different brushes of one type at a time so that I can see how they work together before I publish them. This is an attempt to get some kind of cohesiveness and continuity within a series of brushes. It’s not easy and I lose that battle more often than I’d like to and while there will always be an outsider brush or two (three?) within a set, by fine tuning them in small groups in the workshop I hope to minimise that.

If one Gouache brush is working for you on a project, but to finish up that last section you need a brush that is just a tad drier, perhaps one that shows a few more bristle marks for a grander dramatic flourish, well I hope to have you covered.

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