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Danica Jokic paints with GrutBrushes impastos

Multi talented Danica Jokic does wonderful work in traditional media but is just as adept in applying her talents to digital media. I’ve been a fan of her oil paintings for a while so I was beyond thrilled when she used my impasto brushes to paint this fantastic portrait in Photoshop!  She really shows how well traditional oil painting techniques can be applied to digital painting.  Her talent makes it look easy but seeing what can be done is an inspiration to me to work harder at improving my skills. You can see much more of her paintings and illustrations on instagram  Catch up with her work there, I think she’s one to watch and hers will be a journey worth following. You can find the impasto Photoshop brushes Danica Jokic used here:

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Sketching with Impastos on Art Surfaces

Just a practice sketch in Photoshop with the impasto brushes and one of my surfaces, starting with an underpainting. I’m using one of my Art Surfaces for the underpainting and then the rest of the paint doodling is just on a plain layer on top. I’m mostly painting with the Stump Trough impasto brush which is free in the Sampler set!

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