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Photoshop Pencils – From the workshop

Testing out some new Photoshop pencils

Testing out some new Photoshop pencils

Here are some doodles from the workshop for an upcoming set (long overdue) of Photoshop Pencils. There are a few pencils in the shop already like the Borrowed Pencilthe RE CC and a few others, but no full set. I couldn’t resist splattering it a bit with some ink from the Inky Leaks set (coming August 30th!) and the paper is from the Art Surfaces PSD templates collection which is taking a bit longer than I imagined (November?) I will probably give a way a few more samples before then.

Get an email alert when the GrutBrushes Photoshop pencils are ready.

Get an email alert when the GrutBrushes Art Surfaces are ready.

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Inky Leaks Tests – Photoshop Splatter brushes coming along

Photoshop splatter brushes

Testing the Photoshop splatter brushes for the Inky leaks collection

I’m still working hard testing the splatter, spray and inky messes that will be included in the Inky Leaks Photoshop splatter and spray brushes and tools collection. Here’s one of the test blotters from the lab. If you look closely you can see the smears from a couple of mixer brushes in there as well as a finger print smudge tool. The collection is coming along well and I still expect to release it on August 30th but you can still pre-order it until it is released at considerable discount (The price climbs up a bit every week)

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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #74

Photoshop Gouache Brush strokes painted with the 'Dust Ruffian' brush

Photoshop Gouache Brush strokes painted with the ‘Dust Ruffian’ brush

I really love painting with this week’s free GrutBrush. It’s sloppy, has a ton of personality, wild edges but very controllable opacity and is chock full of texture (even though the brush itself has no texture bitmap – it’s all in the brush tip) Get it for free all week on the free Photoshop brush of the week page

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