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Free Brush of the Week Contributors Gallery

Share your work here!


1. Download the brush2. Make some Art – 3. Upload your masterpiece!

Make a drawing or painting using the free Photoshop brush of the week. It doesn’t have to be the only brush you use (but it helps!) It should be, at the very least, heavily featured in the artwork.
Note: Sorry…it’s currently not working in Firefox

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By uploading your submission here you certify that the artwork you are submitting is created by you and that you have the rights to publish it and grant GrutBrushes the right to publish it on the website as well as on the GrutBrushes social media pages. You will be credited wherever your image is posted (make sure your info is correct above!) All rights will be retained by you, the creator.

As soon as your entry appears here you will get an email notification (make sure you enter it correctly!!) Your email will be kept private.

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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #79 – Toll Rumour Oil Brush

Painted with the Toll Rumour Photoshop oil paint brush

Painted with the Toll Rumour Photoshop oil paint brush

The ladybug was added using a fantastic plugin who’s name escapes me at the moment, but the rest was painted with the Toll Rumour Photoshop oil paint brush which is free through Sunday on the free Photoshop brush of the week page.

Photoshop Oil Brush strokes painted with the 'Toll Rumour' brush

Photoshop Oil Brush strokes painted with the ‘Toll Rumour” Photoshop oil brush

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How to Install the Photoshop Plugin – 60 Second Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial video will teach you how to install the free Photoshop CC plugin in less than a minute. Need to download some free Photoshop brushes to go with it? Try the free sampler set.

Note: this Photoshop plugin installation video was recorded on a Windows computer but apart from the the unzip/extract process being slightly different, all the rest is virtually identical

Any trouble check the help page or send me an email.

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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #78

I doodled this animation with this week’s free Photoshop brush “Gel Stalk” A crayon-like brush with a rough edge and an intermittent oily texture. One of the important things about hand drawn animation and brushes is that you can’t use one with a built in bitmap texture, you need that jittery inconsistency or the animation just looks odd. I will do a post on this sometime to show you what I mean. For this reason, even though they are meant for drawing and painting still pictures, the animator in me always tries to make sure that any textures that GrutBrushes have are created dynamically from the interplay between the brush nib shapes and not from any scanned texture. That way you can draw over the same spot as many times as you like but the texture will never repeat istelf. There are times when this is unavoidable, namely with most of the watercolour brushes which need the paper texture to ‘look right’ though there are some ways around that too but more about that another time. You can download this brush for free all week on the free brush of the week page.

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