Realistic Oil Painting Photoshop Brush

Digital oil painting done using Photoshop oil brush toolset 'Willows Tide'

Digital oil painting done using Photoshop oil brush toolset ‘Willows Tide’

My latest brush, “Willows Tide“, the first of many oil paint brushes for Photoshop is now in the store.

magnified brush strokes of Willows Tale Photoshop oil brush digital painting

magnified brush strokes of Willows Tale Photoshop oil brush

As I’ve been doing recently, you can download this brush for free for the next two days (until Friday July 10th) if you enter the coupon code freeoil (expired). Using this brush should give you digital artists a boost in reproducing oil paint or oil pastels in your digital paintings and drawings. There are currently several other oil brushes in the workshop that will be ready to publish soon.

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Here’s a video of the brush in action. While portions of it are sped up, the beginning, middle and ending is real time. Note the realistic ‘feel’ of the digital brush strokes painting on and the unique organic texture that varies with each stroke. Best watched full screen in HD to catch all the pigmenty detail.

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A Realistic Photoshop Pencil – The Borrowed Pencil

Photoshop pencil brush

Photoshop pencil brush

I’m working on a set of pencils, a pencil for every occasion, you know, HB, B, B2 etc. But sketching doesn’t always work that way. In the same way that the best camera is the one you have, the pencil you’ll use to sketch your next masterpiece with is often the one the waiter left on the counter, or the pencil from the box in the garage, or the Borrowed Pencil

Time-lapse digital digital drawing done using the 'Borrowed Pencil' pressure sensitive Photoshop Pencil tool toolset

Time lapse of a digital drawing done using Photoshop Pencil tool tool ‘Borrowed Pencil’

This Photoshop pencil is a versatile realistic sketching pencil that with a light touch, has a very faint light line but with firmer pressure produces a dark confident line. The graphite line has some slight edging, as if from a flaky lead and the fill texture is visible, perhaps akin to the look of a medium pencil on 100lb paper.

Download the borrowed pencil Photoshop pencil here for free today (free deal expired)when you use the coupon code GBPENCIL

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Free Photoshop Brushes are back!

UPATE: This promotion is now over but there will be plenty more like it in the future. In the meantime, there are always brushes available for free or on sale and newly published brushes can usually be downloaded for free for the first 48 hours so register to keep in touch
Free Photoshop brushes for a share
free pressure sensitive artisinal Photoshop brushes

Download Photoshop brushes Free for a share

To anyone looking for the free Photoshop brushes deal for a share, the coupon wasn’t working for a while and the blue box wasn’t showing up. It’s fixed now, and when you add brushes to your cart you should see the blue share box again. Click on Like, tweet or G+ in your cart and all the brushes in your cart will be free (while this deal lasts) The box to look for in your cart looks like this one here on the right:

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‘Poster Bantam’ – Photoshop Inking Brush

An artisanal Photoshop Inking brush for a change of pace. Poster Bantam is a broad and highly versatile Photoshop inking brush that can be used for sketching, painting and broad area fill. It mimics the look of wet water based poster paints on paper or card stock, with a a pretty fluid mostly opaque coverage while bits of the paper occasionally show through ever so slightly. A second swipe of the brush will give full coverage of course. At low pressure the brush is a bit drier, shows as well as some more textured bristles at the edges of the brush strokes. Great for broad gestural drawings, expressionistic sketching, signage and hand painted text.

Time lapse digital watercolor painting brush strokes painted using the pressure sensitive Photoshop Watercolour brush toolset 'Poster Bantam'

Time lapse digital watercolor painting done using the pressure sensitive Photoshop Watercolour brush toolset ‘Poster Bantam’ from

free Photoshop brush offer

This brush is free for you today just for reading this! Enter the coupon code INKME01 into your cart and you can download this latest Photoshop brush for free (until June 23 2015)

Brush strokes drawn with Poster Bantam Photoshop inking brush

Brush strokes drawn with Poster Bantam Photoshop inking brush

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