“Grape Remains” Realistic Watercolour Brush for Photoshop

Digital Watercolour Bear painting created using Grape Remains Photoshop brush from grutbrushes.com

Digital Watercolour Bear painting created using “Grape Remains” digital watercolor Photoshop brush

The latest watercolour Photoshop brush “Grape Remains” is now available in the shop. As with all brushes in the shop, it can be downloaded for free for a short while longer if you tweet, plus or like it on Facebook when you are checking out. Just add it to your cart and click on one of the social sharing buttons in the cart as you check out and you wont have to pay a penny to download the brush. If you’d rather not bother, you can buy it for just a dollar!

Time lapse of a digital watercolour digital painting done using Photoshop watercolour brush "Grape Remains"

Time-lapse digital watercolour painting done using pressure sensitive watercolour Photoshop brush from Grutbrushes.com

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Frontier – Watercolour Brush for Photoshop

The first of many natural media watercolour brushes for digital painters from Grutbrushes.com is now available to download for free! (for a short while)  This artisanal Photoshop brush responds to pressure in both opacity and to a lesser extent, size. Useful as a line brush at small sizes while also being versatile enough to serve as a fill in wash. The Frontier brush has enough edge and surface texture to provide an organic natural media feel while at the same time remains subtle enough to not overwhelm the artists subject matter. Suitable for drawing and sketching as well as digital painting.

natural media Photoshop watercolour brush

The image below was painted using only the Frontier watercolor Photoshop brush.

download free real watercolour Photoshop brush

Painted with Frontier watercolor brush. Download it for free from grutbrushes.com

This is the first of many more natural media brushes for digital artists to come. Sign up to be notified of new brushes and visit the site to download new ones as they become available. You can download it for free for a short while. While you are at it, there are several other brushes that are currently free and for a short while longer you can still download EVERY Photoshop brush on this site for free if you share a tweet, like or plus when you check out. (This promo has expired now.)

Other watercolour brushes you might be interested in:

painted with the PasteUp watercolor sketching Photoshop brush

painted with the PasteUp watercolor sketching Photoshop brush

Cherry Pectin Photoshop watercolor brush for digital painters

Cherry Pectin Photoshop watercolor brush for digital painters

sample brush strokes painted with the Cherry Pectin Photoshop watercolour brush

sample brush strokes painted with the Cherry Pectin Photoshop watercolour brush

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All Pressure Responsive Photoshop Brushes Free For a Share

UPDATE: The “free for a share” is no longer running but you can download this Photoshop watercolor brush for free!

I had to stop the original free for a share program partly because the software code used to run it was causing big problems with the site. When I find a better way to implement it I will run the promotion again. It was popular while it lasted though…a few hundred Photoshop brushes were given away absolutely free! Until next time, you can always get the free Photoshop brush of the week There’s a new one every week


These brushes were free during the promotion. They are now available to purchase in the brush shop.


“Hatch Wren”, a pressure responsive cross hatching brush for Photoshop.


“Pointy Pop” a pointillist pressure responsive brush for Photoshop Animated look at the pointilism brush for Photoshop

“Tally Stick” Natural Charcoal Brush for Photoshop

Real Charcoal Photoshop Brush in action

A natural and dynamic charcoal brush for Photoshop that responds to stylus pressure

“Hatch Thrasher” A responsive Cross-hatch Photoshop Brush

Pressure sensitive dynamic cross hatching animated Photoshop brush

A pressure sensitive Etching style cross-hatch shader brush for Photoshop

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