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  • Photoshop Pencil Brush

    Lead Steady – Photoshop Pencil Brush

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    A soft lead pencil that still has a sharp defined edge and a lot of texture. This pencil tool has a soft, almost watery look to it’s lead-like pigment but the line definition is still sharp and clear. For when you want a soft look but don’t want soft fluffy line edges.

    Photoshop pencil Brush

    Photoshop pencil Brush “Lead Steady”

    This is one of the Photoshop pencil brushes from the Photoshop Pencils collection

    requires Photoshop cs5 or higher

  • Photoshop Pencil brushes

    Photoshop Pencils

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    43 Photoshop Pencil Brushes

    Realistic Photoshop Pencils for Digital Artists (Photoshop tool presets – TPL files)

    These Pencil samples below have been enlarged by 150%
    Sample strokes of each of the 42 Photoshop pencil brushes

    Sample strokes of each of the 42 Photoshop pencil brushes (scaled by 150%)

    You’ll get all these Photoshop Pencil Brushes:

    Photoshop Pencils shown in the GrutBrushes plugin panel (optional)

    Photoshop Pencil brushes shown in the GrutBrushes plugin panel (optional)

    Mouseover or Tap the images below to magnify and examine the brush strokes in detail

    Borrowed Pencil

    A Soft 2B pencil with a relatively well-defined line and a wide dynamic range from light to dark making it a good pencil to take you from a tentative sketch to a finished drawing. I like it because I can start sketching lightly and then lay down a stronger ‘final’ stroke when I’m sure of my form, all without switching tools or brush sizes.

    Cheap Receipt

    A Soft, bold pencil with a rough texture. Good for bold confident strokes. The texture gives the appearance of a raised grainy paper also making it a good pencil for drawing over-scaled images that appear to be enlarged.

    Cobble Skate

    A Soft pencil with a sharp point. Something hard to find in ‘nature’. This pencil gives you a sharp, defined hint line when used with low pressure on the stylus, but widens out quickly into a more worn down tip with a softer line that still retains it’s soft graphite appearance and medium bond paper texture.

    Cuff Starch

    This medium pencil (HB) has a fair amount of texture at the lowest end of the pressure scale and starts out fairly bold. With more pressure, it produces a smoother, sharp edged dark line with minimal texture, like a pencil on smooth copier paper.

    Daily Fate

    A mid-ranged ‘default’ pencil with a fair amount of texture. This standard lead pencil has a rougher more speckled line than your softer Artist’s sketchers.

    Fax Pancake

    A soft Photoshop pencil with a smooth wax paper-like finish. This pencil lays down a lot of pigment and gives your lines soft powdery edges that feel eminently smudgeable.

    Go Cart

    A medium pencil with a fairly stubby line and a lot of texture. Like writing on soft paper with a concrete slab as your clipboard. Also suitable for simulating drawing on very rough paper or hand made card stock.

    Hen Range

    A Soft pencil with a flat minimally textured tone. The lead in this pencil has the occasional graphite flaw giving it the look of a common golf pencil.

    Humble Bug

    One of the more realistically responsive Photoshop pencils in that is has a very natural pressure response range and ramps up nicely from the lighter, but still fairly strong lines to a wider bold line and all the way up to a dark silky opaque blackness at the high end.

    Lead Steady

    A soft lead pencil that still has a sharp defined edge. This pencil tool has a soft, almost watery look to it’s lead-like pigment but the line definition is still sharp and clear. For when you want a soft look but don’t want soft fluffy line edges.

    Low Pony

    A Soft Photoshop pencil similar to a 3B that is great for soft organic artwork like figure drawing or still life sketching. While it gives a fairly bold line overall it is still capable of sketching in light hint lines at the lowest pressure.

    Marble Mill

    This hard Photoshop pencil has a sharply contrasted speckled texture which gives it a cut stone appearance when used as a shader.

    Maybe Sews

    A soft and fuzzy 4B Photoshop pencil that starts out woolly at the low end and has an almost charcoal-like appearance at the higher pressure. This pencil is soft enough that it doesn’t take much force on the stylus to reach the darker ranges.

    Mech Midi

    This mechanical pencil for Photoshop gives you a lead that sketches with a sharp defined line while still maintaining the texture of a lead pencil. Capable of fairly dark lines it remains fairly sharp tipped even at high pressure but is soft enough to give an ever so slightly tapered finish at the end of the line.

    Mech Mini

    A mechanical pencil that never wavers in its line width. This Photoshop brush will give you the sharpest line possible while still maintaining the appearance of a pencil.

    Mini Smiler

    A soft yet brittle Photoshop pencil with a flat nib and a waxy line. This brush has a stepped look with frequent cracks in its coverage. Use this for bold drawings when you want to give your sketch a distinct grease pencil appearance.

    Mud Muggy

    A Soft Photoshop pencil with a well defined edge. This pencil is crisp enough for tight well-defined detail sketching but soft enough to expand in width and darkness at higher pressure.

    Mud Slice

    This versatile digital sketching pencil has some qualities not quite found in the real world; you can get a well defined fairly dark thin line even at a relatively low pressure and with just a little more pressure you can also get a thicker line that usually comes only after wearing the tip down or switching to a different pencil/brush. Digital pencils stay sharp no matter how long you use them, so pencils like this one allow you to sketch with both sharp and duller lines without having to switch tools.

    Pug Lump

    A rough greasy pencil with some ‘give’ allowing it to taper slightly at the tips of it’s lines. Good for rough sketching, annotations and anywhere you might use a finely sharpened grease pencil.

    Re CC

    A sharp yet unpolished pencil that gives the finished drawing a very consistent clean architectural appearance. This pencil is also uniquely versatile due to it’s flexible width,  while always maintaining it’s crisp, fractured texture.

    Right One

    A very dull pencil with an inconsistent stroke and a generous amount of lead flaws. When you need the unpolished look of a child’s pencil doodle done with a pencil will do the

    Ring Chafer

    A medium hard pencil for Photoshop that has a noticeably sharp texture and a slightly erratic craggy line but maintains a pleasant and even overall tone. While it can have a fairly dynamic range when pushed, this pencil is a good one when you want to maintain a consistent value within a relatively controlled range.

    Run Canny

    A relatively soft, stubby Photoshop pencil for the simplest mid-range pencil sketching. This blunt pencil produces plain, clear even marks with texture that is subtle enough to let the lines be dominant over technique. Good for straight forward crude graphical design work where subtle shading and range of line widths would just be a distraction.

    Salient Bit

    A gritty pencil with a granular line that ranges from a fine sand to a crunchy dark furrow while always keeping an imperfect woolly boundary.

    Sips Winter

    A Soft bold pencil with a sharp powdery line. This dark brush has the occasional impurity giving it a few randomly spaced flaws that in the real world are caused by hard deposits in the graphite pencil ‘lead’

    Sleepy Keen

    A firm, hard rough 2H pencil for Photoshop. This brush has a crisp grain and a compressed value range making it a good choice for confident archival type sketches.

    Slo Glider

    A Soft and mushy pencil with a very light line. It starts soft and fuzzy and while it gets darker with added pressure the lines stay true to their soft roots no matter how hard you press.

    Sock Topper

    A sharp textured rough leaded pencil with a charcoal like start at the lowest pressure that ramps up to a thick sooty cover at peak pressure. A nice expressive pencil for quick gestural sketches.

    Standy Sit

    A stark, clumsy pencil with a crumbly texture. While best at broad strokes and defined form building, this pencil is also capable of light hint lines, all of them grainy.

    Stub Siding

    An ultra-soft light toned pencil with equally soft edges. While it does produce a very soft light line at lowest pressure, this brush will quickly ramp up to a dark almost opaque cover pretty quickly. This flexibility makes it suitable for both light shading as well as casual draft sketching.

    Tea Keel

    A hard grainy Photoshop pencil with a lot of tonal range and a ton of craggy texture. Even the lightest stroke feels full of purpose and intent as marks like these are not made by accident.

    Tin Softy

    This digital pencil brush has a very dark line at all pressures. Whether you’re lightly glancing the page or pushing firmly on the stylus to create a wider, bolder stroke you’ll get firm, rich lines.

    Tiny Thump

    A Soft (2B) pencil which has an intermittent, interrupted line at low pressure which gives it an initial hesitancy when lightly sketching. Bearing down a bit harder on the stylus brings out it’s full bold intentions.

    True Knot

    A very soft, dull pencil brush with a mid-range tone like those produced by very soft graphite pencils with a lower clay content. Suitable for sketching bold drafts.

    Tin Whittler

    Perhaps the harshest of all the Photoshop pencil brushes, this hard pencil has a highly textured tone almost approaching the look of a copy of a pencil sketch.

    Limbo Puff

    A Photoshop pencil shader brush

    Limbo Peel

    Soft Photoshop pencil shader brush

    A strong dark Photoshop pencil shader brush

    Limbo Lift

    Photoshop pencil shader brush

    An extremely light and subtle Photoshop pencil shader brush

    Limbo Scuff

    Soft Photoshop pencil shader brush

    A Photoshop pencil shader brush

    Limbo Goat

    Photoshop pencil shader brush

    A Photoshop pencil shader brush

    Limbo Creep

    Photoshop pencil shader brush

    A Photoshop pencil shader brush

  • 'Re Cc' Photoshop Pencil for digital artists

    Re Cc – Photoshop Pencil

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    A crsip and crunchy pencil with a scratched carbon copy stroke at low pressure that has a soft wider nib at the higher pressure ends, much like the impression left by pressing on medium carbon paper.

    Photoshop Pencil tool preset for digital artist's 'Re Cc' drawing 'live' on video

    Photoshop Pencil strokes drawn with the ‘Re Cc’ digital artist’s tool preset

    Sketching in Photoshop with the free Photoshop brush of the week #49 a hard carbon pencil

    Drawn with the Re Cc Photoshop Pencil

    requires Photoshop cs5 or higher

  • Mech-Midi-Photoshop-Pencil-Brush

    Mech Midi – Photoshop Pencil

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    A Photoshop pencil with a super fine mechanical tip. A brittle, thin and precise drafting pencil.

    Photoshop mechanical Pencil tool preset 'Mech Midi' Drawing 'live'

    Photoshop mechanical Pencil tool preset ‘Mech Midi’ Drawing ‘live’


    requires Photoshop cs5 or higher

  • 'Mud Slice' Photoshop Pencil

    Mud Slice – Photoshop Pencil

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    A rich, thick Photoshop pencil, perhaps the equivalent of a 5B or 6B graphite sketching pencil. Although it gives the dark opaque lead line at top stylus pressures, it has a nice tonal range and is capable of rather fine faint lines at the lowest pressure making it a very flexible sketching pencil.

    Photoshop Pencil Drawing, drawn using the 'Mud Slice' Photoshop Pencil

    Photoshop Pencil Drawing, drawn using the ‘Mud Slice’ Photoshop Pencil

    requires Photoshop cs5 or higher

  • Realistic Photoshop Pencil tool

    Borrowed Pencil – Photoshop Pencil Tool

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    The pencil that’s there when you need it. A standard graphite pencil with a variable opacity and the texture of a medium underlying 100 lb printer paper. Sketch lightly until your drawing shows itself, then push harder for darker confident lines.

    drawn with the Borrowed Pencil Photoshop Pencil tool drawn with the Photoshop Pencil tool – “Borrowed Pencil”

    requires Photoshop cs5 or higher

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