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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #50 “Thicken Think” Natural Media Brush

Painted with the Thicken Think Photoshop brush (on a textured paper PSD)


50 straight weeks of free Photoshop brushes with no repeats, in two weeks it will be one full year of giving away brushes!

This week I’m giving away ‘Thicken Think’ a natural media Photoshop brush that acts a bit like a pastel airbrush if such a thing were possible. You can download it all week from the free brush of the week page or in the shop.

Free Photoshop Brush of the Week 50 - Thicken Think Natural Media Brush

Free Photoshop Brush of the Week 50 – Drawing with the Thicken Think Natural Media Photoshop Brush

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Sketchercising with a Still Life

Still Life drawn in Photoshop with the "Rich Roast" Photoshop brush

Because I usually draw from my head, when I do try to draw from life I have a bad habit of drawing what I think should be there rather than what actually is. Here I’m doing a sketch trying to take the good advice of ‘drawing what I see’ not what I think I see. I think I am about a third of the way there but it’s hard to resist drawing it as I imagine it, which usually has little bearing on reality. This was drawn in Photoshop with this week’s free charcoal brush which is still up here until feb 14th grutbrushes.com/freebrush

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