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Ipad Pro Brushes for iPad Apps Coming Soon(ish)

ipad pro brushes

Created on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil using GrutBrushes

I LOVE painting on the iPad — I don’t think there is any better digital painting experience
…but I was missing my GrutBrushes from Photoshop.

I’ve been hard at work reproducing (where possible) or creating exciting new brushes for the iPad using the iPad pro and Apple Pencil and I’ll be making them available to you soon(ish)
To be the first to know, put your name on the list below.

Send me iPad Brushes updates! Don’t forget to click the link in the confirmation email you get when you sign up!

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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #86

This Photoshop watercolour brush “Crispy Blot” is the free brush of the week, you can download it on the free brush page until November 14th after which it will alwys be available in the Shop or as part of the ArtBrushes collection.

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Free Brush of the Week #77 – “Slip Genie”

This week’s free Photoshop brush of the week is “Slip Genie” an ink brush with a tremendous width response range. Glide your stylus lightly across your work for a razor thin line or give it all you’ve got and it blooms out into a wide breadthed bristle brush. This was sketched without changing the brush size, the variations in stroke width were all achieved solely be varying the pressure of my brush stroke on the Wacom tablet.

The background paper texture and lighting overlay is from my upcoming art surfaces Photoshop templates

I am getting so much interest via email to get them out into the shop so I am going to step up my efforts and I will try to get the first of them out by November. Thank you all of you who wrote in to ask me to hurry up, I love that you love these surfaces as much as I do! You can sign up to get an email alert when they are ready here: http://grutbrushes.com/art%20surfaces/#signup

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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #74

Photoshop Gouache Brush strokes painted with the 'Dust Ruffian' brush

Photoshop Gouache Brush strokes painted with the ‘Dust Ruffian’ brush

I really love painting with this week’s free GrutBrush. It’s sloppy, has a ton of personality, wild edges but very controllable opacity and is chock full of texture (even though the brush itself has no texture bitmap – it’s all in the brush tip) Get it for free all week on the free Photoshop brush of the week page

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