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Jesse VanWagner’s Beautiful Oil Impasto Piece From the GrutBrushes Gallery

"Penelope Isn't Possible: Painted by Jesse VanWagner using the Impasto Brushes

“Penelope Isn’t Possible” Painted by Jesse VanWagner using the Impasto Brushes

I’m thrilled to add this portrait by artist Jesse VanWagner to the GrutBrushes Gallery. Jesse used the Stump Trough oil impasto brush from the free Sampler set, among others, to paint this lovely digital painting in Photoshop. To see more of his work, head over to his blog where he frequently shares his work as well as his thoughts That’s where I found this piece and immediately asked Jesse if I could share it in the GrutBrushes Gallery. He also often posts interesting timelapse gifs that show the evolution of his paintings from sketches to finished paintings for those who like to see how it got there. More that just open and talented, he also comes across as a very nice, genuine person. Needless to say I subscribed to stay in touch with his art adventures.

Visit the GrutBrushes Gallery to enjoy the art or submit your own GrutBrushes assisted creation.

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Danica Jokic paints with GrutBrushes impastos

Multi talented Danica Jokic does wonderful work in traditional media but is just as adept in applying her talents to digital media. I’ve been a fan of her oil paintings for a while so I was beyond thrilled when she used my impasto brushes to paint this fantastic portrait in Photoshop!  She really shows how well traditional oil painting techniques can be applied to digital painting.  Her talent makes it look easy but seeing what can be done is an inspiration to me to work harder at improving my skills. You can see much more of her paintings and illustrations on instagram instagram.com/danica.jokic/  Catch up with her work there, I think she’s one to watch and hers will be a journey worth following. You can find the impasto Photoshop brushes Danica Jokic used here: grutbrushes.com/impastos

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Painting by Keve Kepes

By Keve Kepes, Freelance Artist, Illustrator

Painted By Keve Kepes, Freelance Artist, Illustrator

I’m delighted to add this new piece by Keve Kepes in the GrutBrushes Gallery today. Thanks very much for sharing this Keve! To see more of Keve’s work visit his Artstation portfolio.

Have some artwork created using GrutBrushes that you’d like to share? Submit your best today (if you don’t want to share it, send it anyway and let me know it’s not to be published, I love to see what you’re making)



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Photoshop Brushes Update – New in December

New Photoshop Brushes added to the Shop in December

New Photoshop Brushes added to the Shop in December

Here are some of the new brushes added to the shop in the first two weeks of December. These are all free to GrutBrushes Art-Brushes Multi-Set owners still in the free trial period and of course, all Art Brushes complete members.

If last month was a charcoal brush month, this month may be a bit heavy on the oil Impasto brushes but I can’t keep them in the workshop much longer and they are really best when you use a bunch of them together in a painting. Variety of strokes as well as actual brushes presets is the secret to using the Impasto brushes to good effect. The four here now make a total of about 6 oil impasto brushes in the shop. By the end of March I hope and expect there to be about 20 or so available.

Not forgotten, I also added Molt Vinyl and Timpany Dee, both watery ink and watercolour brushes. Molt Vinyl is this week’s free Photoshop brush of the week so grab it while you can

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