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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #82 – Fiti Wideside Natural Media Brush

Painted with the Fiti Wideside Photoshop brush

Painted with the Fiti Wideside Photoshop brush

This week’s free Photoshop brush is a wet grainy poster paint brush which gathers pigment at its opaque and blocky edges but has a more transparent dilute center all of which is rich with a wet and grainy texture. Up close, this brush can work well as a magic marker for graffiti tags. you can download it for free all week in the shop or on the free brush of the week page

Painting with the Photoshop Natural Media Brush 'Fiti Wideside' Photoshop tool preset (.tpl)

Painting with the Photoshop Natural Media Brush ‘Fiti Wideside’ Photoshop tool preset (.tpl)

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How to Install New brushes into Photoshop automatically using the plugin (Video Tutorial)

One click installation of Photoshop brushes into Photoshop

Buying the Artbrushes Photoshop brushes Set gives you a free two month  membership, which includes all new brushes published in the Shop for 60 days, if you are a Photoshop CC user and are using the GrutBrushes plugin you can install the newest brushes without even leaving Photoshop. This 30 second tutorial shows how it’s done.


  • The Photoshop brushes are always listed in order of publication, with the newest one shown first.
  • If you can’t remember if you installed the newest Photoshop brush, Click install and the plugin will let you know if you have it already.
  • The web panel is slow to load, you may think nothing is happening but it should load within about 15 seconds (im trying to change this)
  • The red play button will pop up a video preview of the brush in action.
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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #75 – Magni Divit

Painted with the Magni Divit Photoshop charcoal brush

Painted with this week’s free Photoshop brush “Magni Divit” 

Get it for free all week on the free Photoshop brush of the week page.

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Painting in Photoshop With Impasto Brushes “Stupor Hero”

Painted in Photoshop with the Impasto brushes

Painted in Photoshop with the Impasto brushes

I painted this mostly using the Photoshop Impasto brushes but used a smattering of others as well where details or grainier textures were needed.

Brushes used include: Cana Plata, Gypsum Slate, Granite Sack, Dusty Squid, Mush Agog

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Inky Leaks Tests – Photoshop Splatter brushes coming along

Photoshop splatter brushes

Testing the Photoshop splatter brushes for the Inky leaks collection

I’m still working hard testing the splatter, spray and inky messes that will be included in the Inky Leaks Photoshop splatter and spray brushes and tools collection. Here’s one of the test blotters from the lab. If you look closely you can see the smears from a couple of mixer brushes in there as well as a finger print smudge tool. The collection is coming along well and I still expect to release it on August 30th but you can still pre-order it until it is released at considerable discount (The price climbs up a bit every week)

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