Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #11 “Lip Reader” Ink Brush

“Lip Reader” is a rough edged Photoshop ink brush with a wide ranging width. At the lowest pressure this brush gives an intermittent spotty line and at maximum pressure it has a wide line with a subtle but visible wet, bleeding edge that borders a ragged contour.  This brush is a line brush but as you see here, you can also use it at a much larger size than it is designed for to block in larger areas of colour. By setting a lyer to ‘Multiply’ it can also behave more like a watercolour brush.

As always, you can download it for free until the end of this week (June 15th) when there will be yet another new free brush.

Lip Reader - Photoshop Ink Brush 1
Brush strokes of a digital drawing done using the Ink Brush toolset 'Lip Reader' for digital artists

Brush strokes of the Photoshop Ink Brush toolset ‘Lip Reader’ for digital artists


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